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    I wouldn't expect the files to be EXACTLY the same length right down to the frame. That's borderline impossible unless both hardware and software is working exactly the same, and it's not. 14 frames is pretty good via the HDMI trigger (I'm assuming you're using).

    There are all kinds of peculiar things happening with cameras. This is why this feature exists in the first place.

    Some Panasonic mirrorless' don't record the first few frames of audio for their video clips (and that's internally, not externally).

    I'd expect the .MOV ProRes files to be longer, but I guess Canon takes an extra breath to close the internal ones out.

    The camera is very old (great, but old)...not all cameras behave the same way with third-party products.

    As far as the audio in your situation, if you ever get your hands on a 3.5mm microphone, test it inside the Ninja to at least see the difference for yourself and what the feature actually does.

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    Yes, this is all small stuff, but I was simply curious, and it was bugging me. Now I understand it better. I will try a 3.5mm mic when I get the chance. The camera is old, yes, but works great, and again, none of these things are any issues whatsoever. But yeah, soon -> C300MKIII

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