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    Sigma fp 12bit RAW 4K Video Examples

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    Thanks for posting these! What are your thoughts?

    To me, the dynamic range looks really limited, and I guess Sigma said they abandoned making a log profile? Maybe there’s good info in the raw that can be pulled in with highlight recovery, etc.? I was really hoping to pick one up as soon as they released the log profile, but maybe the HDR mode is a substitute?

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    I donít agree. The shadows are open and carry color, texture and detail all the way to black cutoff. There is lovely subtle shading and nice rolloff in the highlights and near whites. No obvious or unpleasant hard clipping though some areas do reach maximum white levels. Canít say if that is the camera or the grade. Rich, saturated but natural color and film like contrast without crushed blacks. All the hallmarks of uncompressed linear dng.
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