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    At 66 I just completed the MSF Basic Rider course ... never ridden before ... huge amount of bicycling experience.
    Welcome to the family! Have a great time, it's awesome, and good on you for starting with some training. If I could offer any advice to a new rider, it's to beware overconfidence! Learn and grow, but try hard to keep an eye on your true skill level, and don't get in over your head. That's far and away where most accidents happen, a single vehicle where the rider entered a corner too fast, or took on a challenge too difficult for them (ask me how I know that...)

    All due to FortNine and ItchyBoots ... and the lockdown.
    Both are outstanding channels. Itchy boots is so amazing, I love her story!

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    Great advice ... my previous passion ... dormant for 20+ years was flying.

    Got the same admonitions early on and survived ... spent most of my time in training ... assumed that if one
    is not completely competent he or she should not be putting themselves or others at risk.

    Although with motorcycles in this country the avenues for continued consistent training are a bit challenging.

    And as a cardiac anesthesiologist / critical care specialist for 30+ years (now retired) I know how thin the line between
    joy and regret can be.

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    I'm sure we're all familiar with how many views the top channels get. But to see a niche channel create decent content, even if not quite to our styles (I found this one too wordy, for example), is pretty great.

    This channel intrigues me:
    Living Big In A Tiny House
    Ok-at-best production values, kinda repetitive, typical aspirational house voyerism. But 3.6 million subscribers, 480 million views.
    And fun to occasionally watch. Good for them!
    Jim Feeley
    POV Media

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