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    Capture 10 bit 422 HLG on a PC
    Is it possible to capture GH5's HDMI output in 4K 10 bit 422 HLG on a PC?

    I know that Atomos devices support 10 bit HDR capture, but what I need is to record a talking head directly to a PC to edit it right away with no SD card or external recorder hassle. OBS software does not support HDR video, it can record 10 bit 444, but Rec709 is the only color space option. So is there a way to capture 4K HLG on a PC and what hardware/software do I need to do so?

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    Yes, if you set your camera to output V-log and record that in OBS. REC709 color space in OBS is a more than adequate container to capture HDR if you record log footage. Your file color space would be V-log.
    Then you would need to do a YRGB32 color managed conversion from V-log to HLG in Resolve as a starting point for grading.
    This presumes that you have an HDR capable reference monitor or at least a recent consumer LED TV that can display HLG to use for grading.

    Resolve color management settings shown below.

    V-log to HLG color conversion.jpg

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    To record a live HLG video stream on a PC, you will need an HEVC/H.265 encoder, such as the one licensed by MainConcept:

    MainConcept Live Encoder AVC/HEVC:

    In practice, however, real-time H.265 encoding demands a high-performance PC, especially in 4K resolution. MainConcept's encoder supports GPU acceleration, but it requires an Nvidia RTX card, a $300+ investment. You will also need an SSD and plenty of RAM. An Atomos Ninja V, which can record an HLG stream from the GH5 in either ProRes or DNxHR formats directly to a plug-in SSD would probably be cheaper and more reliable.

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