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    Quote Originally Posted by Cynthia Webster View Post

    It would be great if it had ProResRAW, but I feel Sony won't give that away for free ....
    My FS5 has ProRes RAW. It was free. I expect the FX6 will have the same capability. On the FS5 it is SDI out. I would actually prefer HDMI out to the smaller Ninja V.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grug View Post
    Here's to hoping they've just stuffed an A7Siii inside a video-orientated body (with at least one SDI output, and ideally the A7Siii's HDMI raw output). That would be one hell of a little camera, and using the 4k sensor would save it from treading too heavily on the toes of its 6k-sensored big brother.

    Beautiful dream. *sniff - *let's tear fall

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