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    Live stream internet strength - Beach wedding
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    One of my clients want me to provide live feed of the wedding ceremony they are going to have on the beach.
    I would like to use my 5d mark iv to record and provide the feed into OBS Studio software. I am planning to use my mobile internet on my phone. I would like to set up my phone as hot spot and connect my notebook to my phone.

    - My question is how to make sure I have strong internet to support the upstream data??? I don't have mobile wifi? The location is 2 hours away from my home. I can go and test the speed but I would rather not to.
    What do you do when you live stream an event? How do you make sure you have a strong signal?

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    It sucks to travel out there but you really need to. If they live near by you could combine the test with a pre wedding video session if that's your style.

    Most mobile carriers have coverage maps to give you an idea. Your mobile phone carrier might have an upgrade option for a month (this is going to be your cheapest option), otherwise I've seen Verizon offers mobile data device, but it ain't cheap. (look at the terrible reviews) Even if the beach has a decent coverage, the speed isn't going to be great. Hope the beach isn't mobbed with lots of people using the same network. think about some sort of shade to keep your equipment out of the sun.

    Btw, you could simplify it with a quality phone with facial tracking on tripod/light stand with phone holder. This would eliminate the need for a mobile hotspot device, laptop and you would no longer be tethered to any of it.
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    I know it’s a PITA but I’d go to the location and check the upload speed, run the camera and see how it performs. I use a Teltonika RUT955 router with dual SIM cards with a 4g external antenna when there’s only 4g available, that way I can see two different carriers and pick the one with the best speed, plus it will fail over if there’s a problem (although there’s a lag). My experience of coverage maps in the UK is that they’re generally too optimistic to be reliable so I’d rather go to the location and see for myself.

    I know from previous posts that Puredrifting has a lot of live-stream experience, hopefully he’ll be along to offer more advice.

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