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    DJI Ronin S quality control....?
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    I've been trying to make my Ronin-S work and am hitting a wall.

    I've gone through the setup, the app says 'excellent' for all three axises.... but if the handle is more than about 30-degrees from straight up-and-down, the camera starts to spin wildly.

    It really makes me uncomfortable to watch my camera and lens being flailed around like this, so I power off and that's that.

    This is apparently fairly common, and as far as I can tell DJI doesn't pick up their phone.

    But the thing is, a LOT of people have very good experiences with these.

    So I'm wondering if it's a quality control issue...

    I'm on the fence between trying my luck with another one, or moving to another company (Zhiyun, Moza, or....?)

    Can anyone offer me some guidance here? Am I just not doing it right? Is a sub-1K gimbal really going to work?

    And, are there any companies that offer better customer service? Any manufacturer can put out a bad item now and again, but the apparent indifference from DJI is just insulting and shortsighted.

    Thanks for any help here!

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    I've had a Ronin S since their release and it's worked well for me so... it can work. Maybe you got a bad one, or maybe as you mentioned you've missed something in doing the setup. Can you exchange it? I haven't heard of any other manufacturer being better. Also, the app for the Ronin is great.

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    Bad copies do make it out. I had to return my first Ronin-S, because the horizon would not level out. But the replacement has been fine. I haven't seen the Ronin-S's spin out of control like that, but I used to see the original big Ronin's do that all the time.

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