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    Quote Originally Posted by stewhem View Post
    Really great post. Many upvotes or whatever they’re called
    Words are far more valuable! Thank you!
    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Roper View Post
    I'll give him one!
    That new profile pic is $$$. Many gratitudes!

    Quote Originally Posted by Run&Gun View Post
    And the printed manuals, IF the equipment even comes with one, are essentially visually unreadable today. Besides being physically tiny with really small typeface/point sizes, someone has decided that everything should now be printed light-grey-on-white, instead of black-on-white.
    I prefer white on gray. ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyvideo View Post
    I'm thinking of... being tempted to have a go at the A7SIII. Shouldn't because of the work situation so still trying to justify the move. I'm currently using an A7III for B cam and B roll with my own PP settings. What I would like to know is how how the 7SIII would look with my "out of the camera" settings. The crazy thing here is I can beg, borrow or steal a pro video or cinema camera for testing but not an A series as none of my pro suppliers handle the still cameras. The settings I'm using are below if anyone wants to suck them and see how it looks and report back. These settings aren't for anything cinematic. They are the best I can come up with for the most realistic images to my eye. Also for the greatest dynamic range highlights to detail in the darks. It also allows me to use the lowest ISO settings like 100 in bright high contrast sunlight / shadow conditions.. I can mix these settings quite happily with my own Custom FS7 settings. I think the shots below indicate the dynamic range available with these settings on the 7III and I would imagine you would see similar on the 7SIII using these settings. If any of you 7SIII shooters can offer any feed back on this I would love to hear from you. Please view on a 709 monitor/TV if you can as that's what I have set these setting up for.

    Thanks in advance

    Chris Young
    Hey Chris - was finally able to try out your PP settings on my A7sIII. And I sent you a PM with some screen grabs I shot yesterday.

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