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    Sony Z1u True 24p
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    For all who care.....

    The Sony HVR-Z1u does in fact shoot a true 24p frequency via Cineframe 24 mode. The issue is that its pulldown is different than the normal 3:2 pulldown.

    To get the true 24p material out of the camera I do the following...

    First, capture your footage as 60i HDV... I use the capture presets in Final Cut Pro 7.

    Use program titled "JES Deinterlacer" (been around since the mid 2000s when the Canon HV20 came out) and import that 60i clip you captured.

    Program it to do "Inverse Telecine" and make sure "Detect Cadence Breaks" is checked on.

    Thats it. The program is able to catch the pulldown sequence and correct it, giving you true 24p.

    Here is some footage of 24p From the Z1u taken by me on a (very bumpy) drive up I70 in Denver.

    Panasonic AG-HVX200
    Canon XL1 PAL

    Canon XL 16x Lens
    Canon 16x Manual Lens
    Canon XL Extender

    AJA Kona 3 PCIe 4:4:4 Dual Link Card W/ Breakout Box
    Panasonic AJ-HD1400 DVCPRO HD VTR
    Panasonic AJ-PCD20 P2 Deck

    Astro DM-3000 HD-SDI Monitor
    Astro DM-3005 HD-SDI Monitor
    Benro Fluid Head Tripod
    Chrosziel CLWAH-F4,5 Matte Box

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    Now, if you could only get 23.98P out of that camera...

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