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    Should I record in AVCHD or Mpeg4
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    Hi, I only use my Canon Vixia G40 in my home studio. I use it for my youtube show and green screen recording. What would be the best format I should shoot in. I edit in Sony Vegas and After Effects. What is better for color and editing. Here are my options. (sometimes I might mix my sony ZV-1 4K 30fps with this video)

    35 Mbps 59.94 P
    24 Mbps
    17 Mbps

    AVCHD (.mts format)
    28 Mbps LPCM 59.94 P
    28Mbps 59.94 P
    24 Mbps LPCM
    24 Mbps

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    Not going to see any difference in either. (As far as 1080p data rates and not resolution since the camera can also shoot SD.)

    Choose the one that plays back better in your NLE (if one does over the other).

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