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    Hi there, I am new and introducing myself.
    I am into film directing and screenplay writing more specifically. I've also done audio work as well, and more familiar in that area, compared to the video aspect so far, but always wanting to learn. Thank you for the welcome!

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    Welcome! Love to have the writer narrative types here. We miss Drew Ott, but you'll always get some good film or show review from OldCorpse down in the film discussion threads:

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    Dear Jim of a Thousand Questions,

    Maybe it would be best if you introduced yourself a bit more. Don't say more than you're comfortable, but over the last few days you have asked quite a few questions!

    How old are you? Where are you from (roughly, like what country, maybe what region, what city, if you are comfortable).

    How long have you been interested in filmmaking? Why? What exactly have you done so far? What were you doing before the film bug caught you?

    What kinds of movies or videos do you want to make? Why? What job do you want to eventually reach professionally (director, D.P., actor, editor)? Etc.

    We don't know anything about you, other than you have a lot of questions (and may have received questionable advice). But hey it's all right to have questions. It's much better to be Jim of a Thousand Questions than Bert of a Thousand Opinions (I hate that guy).

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    Oh hey. I am in my 30s now from Canada. I've been helping out people with their movies as well as made some short film projects for 10 years now. I've been interested about 10 years ago, when another filmmaker I know introduced me to it.

    I like movies in the thriller or drama genre more so, and would like to make movies in those genres. Although a couple of thriller scripts were more fantasy that I have, but those would require more money, and probably wouldn't want to attempt those at first.

    Sorry if some questions piled up. I wanted to go ahead with a script, and make some revisions and then attempt to make it into a feature, now that covid is not quite as bad as it was where I live. So I guess that is why I had questions, but perhaps I asked too many, too fast .

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    Don't be worried about asking too many questions. Nobody is compelled to answer your questions. If they get annoyed, that is their choice to engage. Just remember that most questions have no definitive answer and the answer will depend on the specific circumstances of the situation you are asking about, the personal preference of the director, or both.

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    Thanks for telling us a little bit more about yourself. That helps.

    Do you live in one of the major film hubs in Canada: Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver?

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