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    Yeah, drones for third-party cameras are still expensive. Maybe there is something out there that I don't know about it, but I don't think so.

    There are several options that are made for interchangeable cameras (that the company making the drone sells) that maybe will eventually have other adapter systems or "frames" as they call them.

    Something like below with a future attachment. (In its current state, it's only usable with the company's options. DIY isn't safe and never recommended for drones.)

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    Getting into a copter that's built to handle a proper camera (BMPCC or otherwise) is much more involved than most people think. I'd advise against it if this will be your first aerial platform. I've owned and flown just over a dozen different platforms over the past 7 years of flying professionally - from pre Phantom 1's to custom built heavy lifters. I can tell you that it's a lot to take on if you're not flying full time. Battery education, management, storage, gimbal options and tuning, camera control, copter tweaking, setup and breakdown time, etc. There are of course some distinct advantages as well. But if you're just getting into aerial, the ready to fly route is generally the way to go for now. DJI has it's own issues. But no company, app or platform is perfect. Just comes down to finding the best match to suit your particular needs. Between the 2 birds you mentioned earlier, the Mavic 2 Pro is the better choice for video. The P4pro takes better photos (partially due to the mechanical shutter). But the flight and gimbal performance isn't as good. The gimbal can exhibit micro vibes in higher winds. This is especially noticeable when flying backwards at full throttle in anything more than breeze. You can also get props or landing gear in shots often depending on camera angles. The Mavic2pro is more portable, quieter, handles wind a tad better, and does decent enough 10bit video that can be cut with other cameras (provided exposure and other settings are correct). Giving pretty much full camera control from their app is simpler solution for a 1 man op.
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