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    I think it is the Fuller gone effect. I really like what he does, but he often seems to have problems with other people (probably the producers) and leave and then people have to pick up his very specific vision and make something out of it and they just do not succeed.

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    Yes definitely though I think they could have done better with the follow-through. CBS replaced Fuller halfway through season 1 because he was taking too long (due to showrunning American Gods simultaneously) and going over budget. Then they ordered a couple extra episodes inserted, which ended up being fluff that didnt advance the plot. Big mistakes!

    Did you see Escape Artist with Rainn Wilson in Short Treks? Very funny. There were a few good short treks.

    Did you hear Captain Pike is getting his own spin-off, Strange New Worlds?

    I want more Trek but I need it to be quality.

    [SPOILERS] Season 2 felt like a bad Terminator retelling and there were so. Many. Goddamn. Crying. Scenes. [SPOILERS]

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