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If on a very low budget and buying new:
1- E-Image heads. personally I like the feel on these budget heads. [url
https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1046960-REG/e_image_eg10c2l_e_image_gc102_2_stage_carbon.html[/url] Have no idea how they will hold up, and I would get a "heavier" E-Image head compared to weight ratings. I went to B&H and tried all the cheap heads on display (there are many) a few years ago and came a way thinking the E-Image heads felt the best to me- for real budget fluid heads. I believe the company is based out of South Korea. Also don't know how stiff the tripods are. I have the GH03 that I've used with DSLRs and it feels smooth. Doesn't hold a lot of weight, so they are rated on the light side- also the tilt lock is weak. But it's smooth for the money.
A colleague of mine has the GH10 E-Image kit linked above. He has not mentioned having any issues with his GH-10 kit. If you notice B&H is selling the kit at a discounted price $999 USD. I recently had my Sachtler FSB6/ Speedlock 75 kit repaired for $650 USD. I would have been better off buying the E-Image GH10 kit.