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    Also, re: lens distortion. There has been some reported with this lens so I have "lens compensation" turned on on the FS5. Is this necessary in firmware v04 on the lens? I would rather have that extra bit of FOV that lens compensation takes away...
    Yeah, this lens has some notable distortion. To give you an idea here is a side-by-side of the internal recording (WITH internal lens correction) and the external recording (via raw-SDI, so WITHOUT correction). I forget where I was in the zoom range, but probably roughly 35mm (I'm guessing). Note that the external recording is a bit wider because it's capturing DCI 4K, so ignore the added width. But the picture frame gives you a good idea of what happens toward the edge of the image (some barrel distortion at its widest, but switching to pincushion as you start to zoom in). This is with the latest firmware.

    lens compare 18-105_2.11.1_2.11.1.jpg

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    OK, thanks for the visual. As I shoot internally (no raw upgrade) I'll just leave the lens correction on...

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