Hi everyone,

I am currently looking for ideas, documentation and help on an electronic viewfinder project for my HMC 151E camera from Panasonic.

This is the project;
I would like to make my camera look like film camera ergonomics:

Put the camera on your shoulder, see with one eye what you are filming and have the other always in the viewfinder of the camera. So I would like to make an electronic viewfinder that I would place on the front of the camera like this :

Here are my lines of research:

- Use a viewfinder for film cameras to which I will attach a 1.5 'LCD screen, which would be individually powered and connected to the composite video signal (yellow) or to the camera's HDMI.


Here I use a screen of gopro hero 3 which practically corresponds to the desired size but is not usable with HDMI.

I am not looking for a maximum screen quality, the original one is going well for me. (resolution : 235,000 pixel .44 "electronic viewfinder)

Otherwise , I heard of screens for raspberry PI but I know nothing about it.

Tthis technique has a problem that i didn't resolved. The image is reversed horizontally and i don't know how is it possible to make it reverse one time more. However the advantage is that the view is very comfortable and would also allow me to easily add an angle view finder: (orientable?)

- The other solution, is to use the original EVF of the camera and extend the electronic cable to be able to bring it to the front of the camera body.
I use here a viewfinder from a DVX100, but I think the connection is very similar. I could check in the camera service manual if needed.
I don't know if it's possible to extend this kind of cable ...

This technique would have a primary advantage : no need to power in addition to the camera another screen. However even if the definition of the original viewfinder does not really bother me, the screen still seems very small in the eyepiece.

These are my research for instance.
Send me your ideas and advice.
Thank you