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    i have a brother-in-law that has contracted through boxcast a one-camera live stream.

    he is doing it for his worship service.

    no hiccups and all seem very pleased.

    he is checking on rates.

    from my research, boxcast has a proprietary hardware/software package.

    they charge something like $100/month for their barebones one camera feed.

    i'm not sure what their set-up/camera hardware fees are.

    so, anyone ever work with boxcast?

    stay well.

    smalltalk productions/nyc
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    rob, I had an account with Boxcast for about 2 years. Worked extremely well. They are very popular with churches. Several things they do differently:
    1. They have 2 encoders, one with HDMI inputs and another one with SDI, HDMI. The simpler and less costly HDMI will take an input from a camera or a switcher. I always used a switcher. This takes the encoding off the computer, which can be a big plus.
    2. latency is about 2 to 3 minutes. One of the results of this is that the home viewer doesn't have buffering problems.
    3. Their tech support is great and very responsive. And you can get them on the phone!!! Big plus.
    4. they have channels, which means is that I subscribed and then each of my clients I would set up a channel for. Then I would charge them extra for the streaming service.
    5. Extra features, now with their higher level package can get auto captioning and simultaneous streaming (say 2 breakouts rooms going at the same time).
    I did cancel my service last month due to the fact I was doing live events and streaming-recording them and that business has disappeared.

    If you have more questions, I will answer. James
    All the best, James

    Dynamic Videos, Inc.

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