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    Sony HDR-CX350 cannot remember to keep demo mode off
    I have my CX350 mounted on the ceiling and is used for live streaming only. When I turn it on the demo mode starts after a few minutes. Then I have to get on a ladder and go into the menu system and turn demo mode off. After I'm finished I can turn the camera off. The next time I use the camera, I will turn it on and have to navigate the menu system again and turn demo mode off. Is there a trick that I can do so the camera setup will remember that I turned demo mode off?

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    Anybody have any experience with this? I know there must be a setting somewhere so I don't have to climb a ladder to turn this off in the setup screens each time.

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    Look up deleting the 'demonstration movie' in the manual (if applicable to that Sony camcorder).

    Once it's gone it's gone, but it won't come up again.

    [You'd think turning it 'off' would keep it off, but I guess the camera doesn't remember the setting.]

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