The Daughters of Water is my cinematography graduation film I shot back in 2014. All slow motion was shot on Fs700 raw + Sony E lens, whereas most scenes were captured with PMW F3 coupled with Zeiss CP2. Our grading skills were very rough around the edges back then and had to apply some denoising in raw footage. When I revisited the footage last week, I applied new grades for fun and was surprised how clean it was, especially that I did not apply any ETTR. Gotta love those DNGs.
As for the elusive 'filmic quality', Sony came very close with the F3 and Fs700 raw was no slouch either (so much that I impulsively bought one for 600 USD last week ). Properly exposed these cameras can provide absolutely stellar results, except for the scene where I left the shutter completely open by accident. Well, F3 and Fs700 had steep learning curves.
Sony F3 Slog-2 444 + Zeiss Compact Prime CP2
Sony Fs700 + Odyssey 7q raw DNG 100 fps + Sony E 24, 50mm.