Hey everyone,

My name is Kenny McMillan, I'm a DP and I write for ProVideoCoalition.com. Recently I did a test comparing these 4 full frame cinema cameras just to see how they compared and wanted to share it here. That link is to the article but you can see the comparison on Vimeo below:

I've also got some comparison photos here if you're not in a video or reading mood (I whiffed the focus on some because it was a aperture pull):

CST to sRGB Only

Exposures matched

Clips matched with wheels/curves only (no qualifiers, windows, etc)



Would love to talk about what you see, your thoughts, and any experience you may have with these cameras. I'm most familiar with the C500 as I own one, and I've shot with Alexa Minis before (the "old" one) but didn't get a ton of time with the FX9. I did get to check out the VENICE when they released it though. Overall we found the VENICE to be the real stand-out, with tons of functionality and an image that was really neutral with the Mini LF in a quick "2nd place" just by virtue of the fact that it was limited by its I/O and featureset. Between the FX9 and the C500 we all agreed the C500 got you more bang for the buck as the FX9 seemed to be handicapped for no particular reason, has way too many "promised" features, and comes off looking incredibly green. The C500 is pretty magenta, on the other hand, so I'd love to take some time with both cameras and see if that can't be tuned out. I will say that the C500 was more in-line with the Alexa's color response, which made it really easy to match the cameras whereas the FX9's greeness made skin tones a trouble spot.