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    I tend to not do much sweetening unless I hear muddiness due to lav placement or room reverb. For room reverb, the "unpleasantness" is just a sense that the voice doesn't sound quite right when it is played back at a normal volume. I do the spike sweeping method and it becomes immediately obvious which frequency(s) is bothering me. For fixing a lav mic, I find it sometimes easier just to boost the frequency that I can hear is missing for intelligibility.

    My best example of sound requiring surgical eq is actually playing live music. I play bass and certain venues are the perfect size for to be a resonant chamber for one specific frequency and its harmonics. One bar that I regularly play at is the perfect length for the frequency of the b note. I also play a boat that resonates at a g note. The only way to not drive myself and the audience insane with amplification from the reverb is to do a massive cut on that frequency using the amps equalizer. I am sure most FOH systems are already preset to cut those frequencies.

    Anyway, I am sure many professional sound editors can name you the problem frequencies without even sweeping the eq.

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    Also, if you are terrible at this, you may want to check Soothe, which supposedly makes the whole thing easier.

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