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    MacBook Pro monitor calibrated still looks way different than Thunderbolt Display
    Hey everyone, so I have a 2013 MacBook Pro display (maybe too old to even be doing this) and I did calibrate it with the Xrite, and I did the same with my Thunderbolt Display. Now no matter if I use the calibrated profile or the built in profile, if I drag a video clip from one monitor to the other, my Thunderbolt Display looks a bit warmer. I compared it to my new iPhone, and my new iPad and they all look almost identical, except for my MacBook Pro. My MacBook Pro looks a bit cooler than all the others. Is there something I'm missing or any other way to calibrate it? I also tried the expert mode in the monitor calibration tool and that only made it worse.....

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    Have you tried DisplayCal?

    What gamut and gamma were calibrating to? I assume Rec. 709 or BT. 1886.

    There are a lot of variables, like was the monitor powered on for at least a half hour, and could there have been any ambient light leaking into the sensor?

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    Thank you for the reply! I will check out displaycal for sure! Ya the display had been on for several hours and the room was somewhat dim. Both monitors are in the same spot too. I put the gamma to 2.2, same as the Thunderbolt Display. It is more so that the laptop display just looks much cooler than the thunderbolt display.

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    Dispcal got the best results i’ve seen.

    Some monitors come with recommended software.

    The xrite default software didn’t work for video applications. The the i1 profiler device worked fine with dispcal.

    Some say that because the Xrite software is made for printing, and not for video, it is not ideal for color grading.
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