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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Krumlauf View Post
    AMEN. I had an XL1s over a decade ago and man was it a fun little camera! It's overexposure was very unique.

    Yeah, itís blacks and whites... no grays. Hehehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Krumlauf View Post
    AMEN. I had an XL1s over a decade ago and man was it a fun little camera! It's overexposure was very unique.

    Mike this was absolutely beautiful in so many ways. It just felt authentic and vintage and very much like old film. I think more then anything we get all caught up in cameras and most times we don’t even see it’s beauty anymore. All these years later the quality of the image from the old xl1 looks beautiful and it’s evident the kinds of stories that can be told with it. I guess what I’m saying is that it’s not just “now” that a story can be told with the xl1, but that it always could’ve and was more then capable . It’s funny what you see years later. So many moments in your video where I said damn if It was just on a jib booming down while the actors came out of one of those stores would have been fantastic. Thanks for sharing this as it planted many ideas and possibilities. Also what’s the song you used for that video?
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    Thanks for the kind words man. I miss that era of my life. I was freshly out of high school still living in my parents basement. I would take my camera out on walks at 2am with music blasting in my ears from my iPod. The creativity was pooring out of me then. I was thinking of picking up an XL1s or DVX100 again sometime soon when I can afford it just to try to relive that again, granted i'm out in the suburbs of Denver now... really miss the Chicago area... will always be my true home in my heart.

    As for the song, its "Do Your Best - John Maus", that whole album is amazing!

    I'll share one other one I did on the XL1s around the same time that I am personally proud of. Let me know what you think

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    I did keep them all. I bought many cameras and never sold one...
    XL1s, Dvx-200,T2i,5DMk2 ,JVc HM700U,5D Mk3, BM4K, Sony F35(converted f23, so 1 and 1/2 points there). Ok alright, I did sell the BM4K. Cheers

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