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    Quote Originally Posted by combatentropy View Post
    Easy, guys. If you're going to disagree on a forum, especially about a controversial subject, stick to evidence. Do not, under any circumstances, talk about the person you're disagreeing with. Do not answer sarcastically either. I love sarcasm, but I try not to use it online. It often doesn't translate, and I'm using it to kid people. If you use it in a serious disagreement, it will die in a fire.

    Samurai would commit seppuku rather than face shame. I've noticed that ordinary people, while not stabbing themselves in the gut, will do all sorts of acrobatics to avoid shame.

    If you contradict someone in a way that dumps shame on them, they will have a hard time accepting your argument, because it would embarrass them.

    Furthermore, if they disagree with you, they will have a hard time just silently ignoring you. Now they must answer, to defend themselves. Now it's no longer about whether the coronavirus does x, y, and z, but whether Bob is stupid, and Bob doesn't want to be seen as stupid.

    Bob will likely hurl some kind of response in kind back to you, and now you find yourself going through the same feelings Bob just went through. And so on, on and on.

    Then a moderator lands upon the thread and sees that people are fighting.

    What posts is this referring to? Thought we were getting on swimmingly, in which case, best not to stir pots unless we go back to talking about food.

    And just for the record whenever someone says “no sarcasm” I assume they’re being sarcastic.
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