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    Got 2 AC90 need a 3rd camera, what to get?
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    Hi All

    I have 2 AC90's but need a 3rd camera for some gigs that are coming up. We do ENG, Corporate, conferences etc I am happy with the AC90's so what is a good camera to get as a 3rd camera that will fit in.

    I was thinking the UX180 but was told the HC-X1 is essentially the same thing but about $1K less.

    We normally work in 1080p and need 2 audio inputs. Also HDMI out for streaming to an ATEM is essential

    I considered looking for a 2nd hand AC90 but then again a new camera with 4K capability for the future seems a better investment.

    Anyone any ideas? UX180, HC-X1 or something different?

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    I have AC90a and UX180. I use them together for corporate, automotive and event. Yes the HC X1 and UX180 are almost the same camera. And when on sale they are almost the same price.
    SDI and time code are differences. I don't remember what all differences are but not much. I sometimes use SDI so I bought the 180.
    The ac90 batteries fit the hcx1 and 180 btw which is handy.
    They are good cameras and do better in low light than 90 but the LCD is lousy and there is a little delay /lag. They are also bigger heavier than 90. They also have annoyances / limitations in what can be turned on at same time on screen. Focus peaking cannot be turned on in Auto focus mode.

    The dual codec record is great. You can record 1080 30p and 4h UHD 30p at same time if you want.

    The zoom is good like 90 but wider and longer
    The codecs (even 4k) work on old adobe cs6.

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