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    Anyone (still) using Adobe Prelude?
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    I used Adobe Prelude for a bit years ago, mainly because I was looking for something lighter weight when reviewing and logging footage while on the road. I found it pretty handy (got the job done, kept me from getting sucked into editing when I should be sleeping). But I haven't kept up with it, and haven't really felt I missed it. However, maybe I'm missing out.

    Is anyone here using Adobe Prelude these days? Or has anyone tried it recently and not found it worth the effort? If you're using it, why? If it didn't work for you, why?


    Jim Feeley
    POV Media

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    I never saw the point of Prelude. Still don't.
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    I used to use it on every shoot. Now I use Resolve as it's better suited for my workflow of cutting in Avid. Offload cards and create offlines/proxies in Resolve, save the project. Cut in Avid MC, export AAF. Import AAF into original Resolve project (automatically relinks) for grading and final output.

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