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    New directions for EDIUS??
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    Looks like changes could be afoot for any of us who use Edius. If it goes subscription I'll probably drop Edius because as an existing registered user I don't use it enough to justify a subscription to it. Resolve and Vegas cover most of my requirements these days.

    Grass Valley President, Tim Shoulders, and his senior team will continue to lead the company. Hernandez will become Executive Chairman and, along with selected Black Dragon colleagues, will work with Grass Valley leaders on strategy, execution, client relations and the "accelerated expansion to a cloud-based subscription model."

    Chris Young.

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    Not interested, though I'm invested in Edius for myself & sub-editors, I've had enough of the subscription model. I'd stick with the cutrrent version and move fully to resolve.

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    The moderators on the Edius forum stated that subscription only is not in the future right now. The cloud based verbiage was for large organizations and most likely will not result in an end user subscription model. Edius 10 is already promised to Edius 9 buyers, so at least one has the next version without subscription for two years. (common life of an Edius version).

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