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    Have a 19th century sail boat. Movie locatioin?
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    I have a seaworthy and very piratey looking 19th century style 36' sailboat. Was thinking of marketing it to a filmmaker with a cool sea script they want to shoot with the idea of living on it afterwards. it's in the Los Angeles area and made by a famous LA shipyard and would sell for about 10k. Aside from here, what other sources could I market it at? Or how about if I kept and rented it for shoot, where would I list it?

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    There are location managers/services. But, judging from the recent threads, these days, a pirate epic would be shot in front of an LED wall.

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    Ya, reach out to regional location scouts and municipal film bureaus. For example:

    Location Managers Guild International

    Long Beach Special Events and Filming

    But following on DLD's comment, you'll want to make a case for why your ship will be more flexible, more cost effective, more something than stuff like this (which is already getting more and more affordable):

    Jim Feeley
    POV Media

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