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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen Mick View Post
    I’ve been editing for almost 25 years now, starting on Avid Media Composer (back when we thought 3GB drives were huge), and having cut on everything from Media 100 to FCP to Premiere to Resolve to FCPX.

    I just finished cutting an actual paid client gig on an iPad using LumaFusion. I can’t wait to see what new features they launch in version 3.0 (hopefully coming at NAB).
    LumaFusion is, hands-down, the best video editing app for iOS. I’ve been following them since they were Pinnacle Studio for iPad (the app developers left the project and started their own, which they branded LumaFusion and made more out of it than Corel could ever hope to have done). The last couple of years especially have seen some major leaps in its capabilities.
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    Agreed. And a lot of folks would ask why would you want to edit on an iPad if you have an edit suite with Resolve or FCPx or whatever. And I totally get that. For some projects, an iOS workflow with LumaFusion wouldn’t make sense. But I’m finding that, for about two-thirds of the work I do, LumaFusion has the tools I need.
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