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    basic software to record a multitrack song
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    I have a question.
    I plan to record with a mic on my focursite solo some music.

    I plan to record multiple tracks. I will listen to the track and record over it.

    I was thinking of using Adobe Audition. Does this particular task can be done in Adobe Audition?
    I used to use cakewalk back in the days.
    What do you guys use today as a basic software not something too complicate ? Thanks in advance,

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    If you already have Adobe Audition, yes. It can do this. A quick Google search turns that up. Look HERE. Not my first choice of DAWs, but workable.

    Your iTrack Solo should have come bundled with Abelton Live Lite, which is also capable.

    Thereís a free version of ProTools, ProTools First, that you could try. It has some limitations, but for free itís worth at least playing with it.
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    Garageband on the mac is also nice and simple and if you need more in time Logic X is a good upgrade path but if you have other software already then they may be more accesable.
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    I have, and love, Reaper.
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