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I'm not saying they had that goal, but the character and the world had the potential for it. It's a spaghetti western in space, and the spaghetti westerns aren't about clear cut good and evil. They traffic in antiheroes and moral ambiguity and shades of grey. They ended up making the Mandalorian a clear cut hero. Yes, the character is an archetype like Eastwood's man with no name, but you can get away with a quiet, skilled wanderer with little dialogue when you can see his face and eyes to make a connection with him. With his head in a helmet, it puts further distance from the viewer. The movements of the actor did not convey enough for me. This would have been fine if the characters around him and his interactions with them were interesting, but for the first three episodes it was mostly him wandering the desert alone. It wasn't until Episode four, when he started having real relationships with other characters did I think he became relatable and interesting. As for it being an episodic TV show, there were only two standalone episodes, 4 and 6. The rest were just pieces of one story, which makes me think this started as a 2 hour movie which they padded out with a couple more episodes to make it a series.
I completely get your criticism. I personally felt that there was enough moral ambiguity in it that it worked for me - he wasn't a completely good guy - he had his own moral code that ultimately was changed.

With the episodic feel - I mean even the overarching story felt more like a TV show to me, the "stay tuned for next week to see how the hero survives" kind of thing. I may be misremembering exactly how everything flowed together, but I do feel like it stayed more true to those type of roots and was more action than drama, and I really liked how they did the action.

I do also think they stayed true to Boba Fett as a character. In the original trilogy, you know almost nothing about him, but something about him was captivating and people were drawn to the mystery of who the character was. I felt like they kept that mystery up, especially for the first part of the series.