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    Well, I just went down a rabbit hole of watching about 40 CX350 videos on YouTube and can see there will be some challenges using it. I was hoping the AF would be more reliable.

    My main concern is burned out highlights on Caucasian skin, I saw it on many videos (bridges of noses, bald heads, cheek bones, etc.) so I think I will have to research knee settings, etc. I will need to make a scene file that can handle most situations because I tend to get doc jobs where I move really fast, I can't menu dive. Much of my work will not be graded so I have to bake in a pleasant look, color palette, DR.

    I always expect some transmission loss when I zoom in too far. The C100 had noticeable click stops when I rolled exposure because I couldn't afford to Duclos my lenses, so the 350 will be an improvement. I am too poor for cine lenses. I bought an optically clear filter to protect the front element.

    If the EVF sucks I can buy something from Small HD and have it on an articulating arm. I'd like something larger than what's provided. I'll see when I get the Zacuto thingy if that helps me see better, but I have 66 year old eyes now. I also need to quickly take the camera off the rig, strip it down to be inconspicuous, I film kids a lot for fundraisers and need to blend in, or I have to sneak around without permits so I have to make it as small and non pro looking as possible sometimes.

    In sum, I am excited but need to figure out how to avoid that highlight blow out I see in many of the "tests". How could so many cameramen run into the same problem? Maybe because they just unboxed it, ran outside, shot. I will look for threads here to see if folks solved this. I'll see if any of Barry's videos address this. One frequent poster here PM'd me:

    "The image is a little hot on the highlights. Meaning when I first started using it my eyes were always drawn to white objects in the frame. I run the strongest knee possible as well as white clipping to try and tame this. I hate the 'hot whites' look as it screams consumer image to me."

    That's what I'm worried about...

    So that is what I will work on first, taming hot spots, but I'm waking up at 3AM to go to Mexico for a week and I will try not to think about anything besides having a good time!

    Hasta la vista,

    Ned Miller
    Chicago-based Freelance Videographer

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    Have a good time Ned and I will be happy to discuss when you return!

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