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    F35 Dynamic Range Test - 15 stops?
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    I know we all talk about dynamic range... I went ahead and shot a white poly and went from pure white down the scale... 15 stops.
    Download below. Shot on slog sgamut 450 'base' iso.

    If we don't count black and pure white, we do have detail in 14 stops where detail can be recovered from them. By dropping gain in resolve, some detail comes out, and not just pure white...

    Does it mean, they are all usable? Not really, but I would safely say that we can get around 13 stops out of the camera. And I am sure more exhaustive tests and better lenses could probably get 13 and 1/3, 1/2... Sony claims 12 stops. I think that is conservative, but definitely the camera has a solid 12 stops.

    What do you guys think?

    I also uploaded the tests with False Color overlayed. For those of us who use FC, this may be helpful to match stops to colors on the screen.

    F35 DR.jpg

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    Goes to show you how capable these old cameras still are today.
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