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    Thoughts on the Z-Cam E2? (F6)
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    Just curious about your thoughts on the Z-Cam F6.
    I know that as of writing this, the F6 is in pre-sale. But let's chat about the E2 for the time being.

    How is it? Worth it over the bmpcc6k?

    I like the bmpcc look but I just done like how it's built, and building a rig to it is annoying and not the best setups for gimbal work.
    I've been trying to find test footage of the Z-Cam E2, but even that I'm finding very little of it. Why's that?

    All of the 4K videos also don't seem to be truely 4K. Not sure why either.
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    I have both the F6 and the E2. If build quality is a primary concern, the E2 lies somewhere in between the Pocket and the F6. Z-Cam made big improvements to the tactile feeling of the buttons, functionality of the port covers, swappable EF, PL, M, and E (third party) mounts, and added an eND module and a 12v auxillary power port to the F6.

    I'd recommend joining Z-Cam's facebook group. The lead engineers and CEO are there almost daily answering questions, and taking ideas and feedback from customers. The group also lacks a lot of the hostility I see in the Blackmagic groups, maybe because it's a smaller group of individuals that make up the community there. Anyway, search in there will turn up footage from Z-Cam and users alike.
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    Default the eND module currently in the wild? If so any more details about it? Very little info out there.

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