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    anyone using the nikon z6 in video mode for paid gigs?
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    i have lately been using nikon bodies and glass for client's stills event gigs.

    as always, there is the holy grail myth of one camera doing everything.

    under that guise, has anyone used the nikon z6's video for client's gigs?

    care to share how you are using the z6?


    talking head interviews?

    gimbal work?

    are you using the 10bit out?

    any audio issues if relying on the z6's pre-amps?

    any and all thoughts are appreciated.

    thumbs up.

    smalltalk productions/nyc
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    A) I have no idea.

    B) Maybe a ton more people would when the ProRes Raw upgrade comes out. It was promised about a year ago but it has not yet arrived. Maybe it was set back by Apple's inability to overcome Red's patents. (technically speaking it's not an "internal Raw" but nonetheless)

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