Hey guys!

I've been making youtube videos about shooting anamorphic since 2015 - www.youtube.com/tferradans - so maybe you've seen me around.

I wanted to share my latest project and there's no better place than where shooters are! The price of anamorphic adapters and lenses on ebay only goes up. To counter that I spent the last two years researching and testing out ways to achieve the anamorphic look WITHOUT actually using scopes - which I call "anamorfaking". Then I turned all of the research into a 170pg guide and put it up on my blog.


I get a lot of suspicious (not to say dismissive) looks when I say I'd rather shoot anamorfake than use most adapters out there. Many folks think that REAL anamorphic will always be superior and better. I'm here to challenge that perspective. If you go on the link above there's a quiz featuring ten images that mix anamorphic, anamorfake or both techniques. See how well you can tell them apart! If you get all correct, there's a discount for the new guide. ;)

You can also check the first few pages for free here: http://www.tferradans.com/anamorfake...orfakeDemo.pdf

Have you ever used any tricks to craft the anamorphic look?
Lens mods, oval cutout filters, fishing line, letterboxing, etc