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    Importing to Vegas 17 - HVX200/DVX100 - is P2 reader the only way? DVC tapes?
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    Hi All, returning to use my HVX200 and DVX100 after long delay in shooting because of work and family issues(It's been YEARS... no longer using MAC FCP). I'm trying to confirm that the only way I'm going to get media imported to the NLE I plan to use, Vegas 17, is using a P2 card reader since firewire is "gone" from current laptops. Also, is there currently a way to get media imported if using the DVC tape on HVX200/DVX100 to VEGAS 17. I'm trying to find the best way to get media imported using these 2 cameras since technology has changed. I looked at some FAQ's but couldn't find info very specific. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
    BrownDogg Productions

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    The HVX200 is a P2 card reader. Forget FireWire, and connect via USB. Set the menu to USB DEVICE, and set the switch to PC MODE. You should see the p2 cards pop up on your desktop as removable storage devices.

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    If you want to read tapes, you're going to need a 1394 port on the computer.

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    Seriously in situations like the DVX100 I think it's probably best to buy a PCI Firewire card. As Barry says the 200 is P2 so if coming of P2 cards capture as he suggested. Firewire cards can be purchased for anywhere between $10-40 off eBay. Vegas 17 still has DV capture ability so capturing shouldn't be a problem. One of the best DV capture utilities that was around many years ago is now being offered free of charge by the guy who wrote it. It's called ScenalyzerLive. You can capture a full tape in one go or you can set it for scene detection where it will detect the camera start stop trigger points and capture each scene as an individual clip. In the GUI you also have the ability to split and rename the incoming capture if you wish to do so. Just read the help file as that will help you set up the options, capture directories etc in the correct manner.

    Chris Young


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