I-m going to use the first time these two cameras together for a work.

I currently used GH5+v-log, I would like to match as possible the footage with my new Nikon Z6+Atomos ninja V.

I'm going to use 4k 25p in GH5 and v-log. What setting I have to use for Nikon? 4k 25p N-log on Atomos?

Another doubt about the audio record, I currently use a Zoom H5 with cavalier for interviews, connecting line-out of the zoom to my GH5 mic out (setting mic level adjustment -12db). What setting I have to use on my Nikon Z6 to put zoom audio to the video? Do you think that I have to set in Z6 /microphone sensitivity to 1 (the lowest possible)? Does the HDMI output this audio to atomos? It's better if I connect straight the zoom to the atomos mic/line)? What about the lag?