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    In India we are all in a 21 day national lockdown. Before that for a few days it was a lockdown by the State. I was to start a major project and it was to be coproduction. The partner dropped off. So it is now off. I was to shoot a low budget feature and that too got cancelled. The economy is going to be in a tailspin. So buying a C500 II is now officially postponed. No gear purchase howsoever lucrative the deal may be. This is the time to sit on cash.

    Trying to complete my documentary. There was a last big interview to be shot but just shelved it and doing the edit so that this lockdown period is utilised well.

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    Good luck, Indiawilds. Just reading about the reaction in India earlier in the week was stressful.

    In all seriousness, I watch eBay for deals on lighting and grip equipment. I buy cameras and more expensive purchases from places like TMS because they are really helpful with customer service. Right now, I’m not seeing any massive dumping on eBay and prices haven’t plummeted. People are still hopeful that things get back to normal.

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    Re Canon Leasing....FWIW. I called the other day and they are happy to defer payments due to the current global pandemic. They offered a 30-day pause with a review after that to set up something longer based on the situation then. I have to say, as leasing companies go, Canon has always been extremely easy to work with in the past and I'm quite happy with how they responded given what we're all looking at going forward.

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    New Canon Financial Services Promo: 30, 60, or 90 Days Deferred Payments
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    Canon Financial Services announced today that they are offering up to 90 Days Deferred Payments on new Lease Applications completed and booked through April 2020.

    You can postpone the start payments on any new lease up to 30, 60, or 90 days.

    This promo can be combined with the 0% 24 Month and 1.99% 36 Month Lease Promos or the longer non-promo rates of 48 and 60 Months.

    This promo can also be combined with non-promo Canon items like Canon Accessories, Canon Lenses, or Canon Batteries.

    Approval is subject to CFS Credit review.

    For Example:

    Canon C500 Mark II Body $15,999
    36 Month 1.99% Lease
    1st Month $0
    2nd Month $0
    3rd Month $0
    Months 4-27: $459 Per Month

    $459 Per Month does not include taxes, insurance, or late fees.

    Terry Nixon
    Texas Media Systems
    Phone 1-512-440-1400 Ext 203
    Twitter Facebook Instagram Linkedin

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