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    The other thing to keep in mind is that 2.8 is only available at the widest zoom setting. Once you start to zoom in, the aperture gets smaller. So F3.5 may have been the widest aperture available at the focal length being used.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Chapman View Post
    Per Barry's previous comment.....if you see STD the camera is in Auto-Iris. To get the smallest DOF set the lens wide open and adjust the other settings on the camera to get the exposure you want. Also, putting the camera in Macro mode seems to help get small DOF and zoom in as much as you can.
    thx for the tips. Now I set the iris manually wide open and let do the auto shutter and auto iso do the rest. Filmed this weekend inside a church and the footage looked great. Couldn't test this outside because the rain. For the communion I used manual focus with peaking. My subject was peaked yellow but the footage was a bit out of focus on my computer. When filming I changed the focus on the foreground subject so the backrground was not peaking and out of focus but this wasn't the result. Maybe I set the peaking too high and is this not accurate?
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