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    Looking for a new Full Time job (videographer/editor)
    Just figured id throw this out there since im looking for a new position and looking on indeed/linkedin there are always over 300+ candidates for a position.

    I have been a full time videographer for about 10 years. My problem is i have always been the lone guy working on a 20-30 person marketing team doing everything from filming/lighting/editing/photography by myself. I know most you guys are professionals in the freelance world or on bigger productions where you have one specific role so this might not lead me anywhere.

    I'm looking to apply or send my resume to any company from small production companies, large agencies, to anything unrelated to video that has a marketing team and needs the videographer/multimedia specialist. Im open to staying the lone videographer or joining a larger company that would put me in a more specific role. I am also open to relocating just about anywhere towards the east coast of the US, or bigger cities anywhere in the country.

    Anyone have any leads or know a place that hires a lot, feel free to send me their name and ill apply or send a resume and reel.

    To see my work its on my site at:

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    My 2 cents:
    You need to specialize in something...which you obviously do: meaningful interviews that get the subject to relax, be natural and open up to the camera (which is often very difficult). Specializing is how you sell yourself; then, after you've got your foot in the door (which is what we are talking about), you can move up. You've got a good reel that shows your range, except for the old guy (I'm one of them, so I can be blunt). Both of his clips don't help you - ESPECIALLY by opening with him. Many will simply hit "Stop" before getting any further. My suggestion: lose him, do a mass mailing, promote your interviewing/shooting skills. Focus on all levels of advertising agencies. Don't waste your time with production companies, because their position is, "We already do that just fine"...even if they don't. You will be solving a problem for the agency.
    Good luck!

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    I used to live in Tampa.

    Diamondview Studios, Company Man Studios, and Bluewater Media are a few companies with several full time employees.

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