Starring Sam Rockwell and William Macy:

Nice premise, poor execution. Badly shot, bad pacing, iffy acting. Macy was excellent, but that's about the best part of the film. Terrible pacing - seemingly every scene too long by 30%-40%... sloooooow, making everything boring and dull, even when it's supposed to be exciting. One terrible idea was the conceit of using thick backwoods accents for the actors, to reflect, I guess the backwards rural hick region. Except, none of the accents matched, every actor did their own version of "hick", some broadly exaggerated southern accents, others some kind of toothless drunk babble that's supposed to be an accent, and so on. The worst, was that it made it super hard to understand what some of the characters were saying - and they were saying A LOT, rambling on and on, and on, and on, long past any point of interest however slight it might have been to begin with. And every point had to be made as hamfistedly as possible, repeating the same points nauseatingly over and over again as if the audience had some kind of dementia where they can't remember anything longer than 60 seconds - "he's crazy about his ex-wife!" "crazy about the ex, see!" "lookie here, how crazy about the ex!", "crazy I tell ya, crazy, crazy about the ex!" "cray cray about the bey-bey". All I guess to justify behavior that made absolutely zero sense and no human being on this earth would have behaved like (SPOILER ALERT!) - just leaving a buncle of cash in the ex's car, even though he knows that bad guys will come looking for the cash, so why not give himself away in the stupidest possible way! Because... crazy about the ex, see, crazy, crazy - crazy I tell ya!!!! And our hero is a moron who leaves his gun lying around, never near when he needs it, stupidly sits exposed in the very place where he knows the bad guys will come - a man this stupid should not know how to breathe, so I don't get it why he wasn't blue in the face from the first frame.

Then the film reaches for some kind of deeper meaning with the inability to get out of the grave, even though nobody in the audience can figure out what the difficulty is, like pull the body down and stand on it, and so on. Just blithering idiocy.

And yet, the premise was good, it could have been interesting. Until the director got his mitts on it. Apparently based on a novel, same author who wrote the screenplay - not impressive. YMMV, but IMHO avoid.