This is an excellent Japanese film, and a breath of fresh air:

Confessions 2010

It made quite a bit of noise in its time, and was very well received both critically and by audiences, making a fair amout of money. On RT the critics score is 81% and audiences 88%:

Mostly, it's just such a refreshing experience, so unlike most mainstream U.S. movies. The narrative structure is quite daring and it actually works. Technically, it's beautifully shot, such a triumph of framing and composition. Rare good use of slo-mo. The acting is uniformly excellent and particularly stunning from the children and youngsters, just on another level. It is based on a novel, but the director (who also wrote the screenplay) did a fantastic job, so it doesn't feel overly simplified.

If you're interested in filmmaking, I think you'd be well advised to take a look at this. Highly recommended!