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    Guitar wireless for PA capture
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    I've used Zoom H2 series recorders in front of the PA for years. I get audio and room ambience. With the new mega-cheap guitar-to-amp wireless systems, should I consider transmitting my Zoom to my camera as an alternative to syncing in post with the Zoom's SD card? I could finally monitor audio levels correctly.

    They boast 2.4G uncompressed wireless signal transmission, low noise and latency, effective range is about 30 meters.

    Zoom H2N to adapter to transmitter to receiver to adapter to HMC150.
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    It may work for a non-critical reference, but I would not consider a $39 wireless system good for much of anything. Read the sticky "The-$500-Wireless-Question-or-quot-What-cheap-system-should-I-get"
    In addition, it's likely high-Z instrument level on both the Tx input and the Rx output.
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    A buddy just recommended this: (his friends got them too- all happy). 2.3ms latency.

    It won't work on guitars like my Ibanez S5470 due to recessed front jack, though a short 1/4" m/f adaptor/cable would work (same is true for the example unit design in OP).

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