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    Good Bye FS7
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    With a heavy heart, I sold my FS7 a couple of weeks ago and bought a GH5.

    I jumped on the FS7 train after watching a Doug Jensen video that was recommended by Phillip Bloom. In that video, Doug made a compelling case that the FS7 was the best-bang-for-the-buck camera in history and he was right. It is an amazing camera and it forced me to come on this forum and study up on S-Log and exposure and read all the interesting posts with their twists and turns. And I learned a lot and I'm grateful to everyone on this forum for sharing all their expertise and knowledge.

    One thing eventually led to another and then I also purchased Doug's video on shooting stock footage, which again, is very well done. In that series, one thing he mentions is that if you shoot stock footage, you might want to consider having a camera with you at all times because you never know when something interesting might happen. And this is absolutely true. (There is also a book called the best camera is the one you have with you!). But this idea led me to a problem: For my situation and where I live, it really isn't practical (or probably safe) for me to be lugging my FS7 around and keeping it in my car. And so, I decided I needed to consider a camera with a smaller form factor, and with a recent price drop of the GH5 to $1,500 and respectable specs, the choice was practically made for me.

    And so, goodbye FS7. It has been great and I learned a lot.

    And thank to the forum members for sharing the knowledge!!!

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    It's always interesting to hear how my training has inluenced others. I just try to create what I would want to know if the tables were turned, and I think that works.

    Sorry to hear you are leaving the FS7 family, but I suppose I'll be following you soon when I upgrade to an FX9. The GH5 isn't a bad choice. I was teaching for three weeks in Maine last month and they shoot a lot of BTS with a GH5 on a gimbal and I think the footage looks really nice -- even with no grading. It'd never work for my needs but I appreciate what it can do. Lots of good camera choices out there today to pick from.

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