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    Seeing NorBro listing the weight specs of the Miller air at 3.1 lbs, the Miller DS-10 at 3.4 lbs is practically the same weight, but you gain the nice advantage of adjustable pan and tilt drag, which is a very good feature to have. The Air is obviously cheaper, but if that bit of savings isn't a big concern the DS-10 should also be worth considering. The DS-20 at 3.9 lbs is still pretty close in weight as well, not much more than the DS-10 in cost, and with the 20 lb capacity gives you more versatility should you ever need a heavier camera load.

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    The one thing I really dislike about the Miller AIR and its an obscure thing but it matters, is the tripod plate itself. I'm not sure if the plate is shared between other Miller heads or if it is unique to the AIR, but the screws in the plate seem to always bind up and want to get cross threaded, it can be very clunky and difficult mounting and unmounting the plate to various cameras and pieces of gear. I bought my AIR slightly used so perhaps the original owner forced it and messed up the plate but it's a nightmare to move from camera to camera, I've been meaning to hunt down a new plate to try. Other than that one quirk, it's a remarkably good head for the weight and modest cost. I've been using it this week to shoot with the BMD PCC6K and it works well.
    I use Kessler Kwik Release plates on all of my support equipment. Works well with small cameras as well as a kitted out Amira, snaps in with one hand easier than most other quick releases, and means you don't have to worry about the quality of whatever plate the gear you have comes with. Before the Kwik release I used to use Manfrotto 357 quick releases which are cheaper.
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