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    Quote Originally Posted by puredrifting View Post
    I just returned the FX9 to Sony yesterday. 120 FPS 1080 only today, 180 FPS is coming in the V2.0 FW that is announced at NAB 2020. So is DCI. It would be nice if that also add 2K.
    Returned following a loaner or returned after purchasing, because you are unhappy with the FX9?

    Would be good to clarify in order that, were you only returning a loaner, others do not use it to say they are seeing where buyers are returning it in disappointment.
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    He was returning it as a loaner.

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    Yep, defintely a loaner. I had it for 10 days to write a review but managed to squeeze in a few client shoots that timed out perfectly. If I was in the market for a new camera today,
    the FX9 would be in the mix for consideration. I haven't yet shot the C500 MKII so I can't make a meaningful comparison about which I would buy yet but the FX9 seems to be a
    lot of bang for the buck. If money weren't an object between the two, I'd probably lean toward Canon since I have the C200 and the 300 MKII and a dozen Canon lenses but since
    money IS always an object, having the C200/300 MKII AND the FX9 would be a killer combo, both lines are better for certain things and the FX9 would shut up any clients who
    must have FS7 requests in the mix because the FX9 is a MUCH better FS7 MKII.

    Who knows, we may end up buying it if a certain multi camera long for docu series project gets sold that I am involved with. I could see having a pair of them
    would be a great package without having to deal with RAW and log/LUTs. The S-Cinetone looks wonderful. Not sure why the sunset shows banding, the video clip definitely doesn't,
    probably my screen cap software?




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    It's a business first and a creative outlet second.
    G.A.S. destroys lives. Stop buying gear that doesn't make you money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorBro View Post
    I would take a legit 16-stop 2.5K 444 camera in a box. ND filters sound good.

    With lovely colors that make the images pop. The BMCC from 2012 was a very simple box with almost zero options and like 5 menu items. Its specialty was supersampling and RAW. An advanced version of that would be nice. 120p all the way through, no crop.

    This camera can still play 8 years later. Some view it as BM's best sensor ever.

    Watched this finally. Yeah, pretty well done. Actually, VERY well done! But feels more about the skill of the shooter, to me. I can say, that camera would never work with my visual aesthetic. The shooter did an amazing job with it though.

    The Fx9 looks to inprove quite a good deal on sharpness and dynamic range. DR is such an important thing for me.

    Gemini and Alexa are the only cameras i’ve used that i really like working with. The Gemini in standard mode feels like an Alexa in a lot of situations. Is one of the few cameras that really has that kind of range. But it also does effortlessly clean iso 3200, which is insane.

    Venice, Fx9 are also feeling like DR contenders. Not everyone needs or wants that range. I like it. I feel Alexa is more of a starting point, rather than a pinnacle. But i can honestly say, i love that cameras are beginning to get over 14stops DR. My dream style for shooting was always to get closer to what my eyes seemed to see, and until the Fx9, Venice, Alexa, and Gemini came out, there really was not a camera that ever really got there. The F35 was perfect, except i wished it had another two stops in the highlights. Otherwise, in ‘most situations, completely fine. Such stellar SOOC. Still, has the best skin texture of any camera SOOC. But DR isnso important. So many subtle highlights in the real world are not captured elegantly by majority of cameras, even today.

    Fx9 is looking to be the first $10K camera to be able to handle it. We’ll see. I’ll have to push that camera soon. I will say, it looks darnt good.

    C500ii had a different appeal. I shot with it recently, and it was so effortless. A tool that let’s the shooter feel, rather than get all technical. The image quality is pretty stellar. Looking at the raw and getting to shoot iso5000 not as a gimmick, but as a butt saver, and idk, for those that have the money, the camera disappears. Just shooter and lens. Really nice experience. Would love to get to shoot with it again soon!

    For me, the “vs” aspect of this thread has been settled. I have spent enough time with both cameras to begin to form an opinion, and i see a niche for both cameras. They are both game changers. As they both level up their line ups. Fx9 speaks more to the practical side of me, and the C500ii is just am addictive camera to use. Makes me feel reckless and creative.
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