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    Laptop Monitor Calibration
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    I purchased the Spyder Calibration tool a while back to calibrate my laptop monitor and after several attempts, it was not able to calibrate it.

    Comparing it to my 2nd monitor the colours, contrast, etc. just arent the same.
    My laptop is a few years old, so im not sure if thatll effect anything?

    But how do I go abouts getting this laptop monitor properly calibrated?

    I pretty much work off my 2nd monitor, and when Im on the road I cannot do any color correction editing, which delays so much of my work.
    Michael Frymus
    Travel and Commercial Photographer & Videographer

    Instagram: @michaelfrymus

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    Hi Michael,

    Did you find a solution? Can you provide some more information on your monitors (8 bit or 10 bit, matte or gloss finish etc.)?

    You could try third party software like DisplayCal and see if that makes a difference.

    I have an X-Rite ColorMunki Display, and ended up just using X-Rite's software when I couldn't figure out how to calibrate to BT.1886 gamma in DisplayCal.

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