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the 90D appears to have some solid video chops ;-)

but if you look at the youtube vids, folks are decrying the 90D's video quality.

they point to image softness, pixel-binning and no all-I codec.

i am also interested in a 90D.

is norbro correct in that all these aps-c cameras produce similar video quality?

(not challenging norbro who has probably has had more of these cameras in hand than me!)

my question is, how good is the 90D's video?

good enough?



all good.

smalltalk productions/nyc
I like the 90d for the swivel screen, ability to use my EF lenses and price tag. IQ is pretty far down the list, although swivel screen also contributes to IQ. I saw one video where I thought the quality was good enough for the way I’d use it. At that point, any badmouthing is unimportant. The YT reviewers need cameras to have flaws for their livelihood so you have to step back and ask if they’re issues that would actually impact you personally. What’s your conclusion rob?