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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesPapert View Post
    I can't speak for the individuals behind this product but I know somewhat is involved in bring a product to market (I am in the process of doing so). It is frustrating to see it broken down into "how much is the sum of the materials? That's how much it should cost" when there are so many other components involved, from hard costs like prototype manufacture and tooling up for production runs, clerical costs like the patent process (generaly $15-20K) and marketing, and intangible costs like hundreds of hours spent in design and bringing a product to market. It takes a lot to be an entrepreneur, and sadly the proliferation of overseas companies that are disrupting the profit cycle make it less attractive for those with good ideas to want to do it. I will probably spend 100+ hours bringing my product to market and making sales, with a net return of far less than I make as a DP amortized over those hours--and without a doubt, people will be grumbling about how much it costs because they have gotten used to knockoff companies like Smallrig coming in with ever lower prices on gear.

    My final comment on this is the same as I give for any disruptive market technology (like ridesharing); we all think it's great when you pay less for something, but how would it feel if your boss comes in and tells you that he's found someone who can do your job for half price, so you can either take the pay cut or get out? In this instance, everything thinks this product should cost less but if someone told any of us that our own rate is "stupid" or "absurd" (to use descriptors applied above regarding this product), who amongst us would say "you're right--I should charge less".

    I completely agree, Charles. I have had custom parts done for me and they are very expensive in small quantities, especially for the initial design.

    And the patent process, from my understanding and knowing people that have patented products, it is not a quick, easy or cheap process. It usually takes years to get it approved(if it does).

    I’ve always found it odd in the business, that relies so much on an individuals creativity, ideas and hard work, just how many others doing the same thing are so happy and supportive of knock-offs and rip-offs and the like. I used to work with a guy who was invoicing over half a million a year and he would not pay to download any music. When we travelled he would pirate songs from torrent sites from our hotels. Over $500K a year and he wouldn’t spend $10 to legally DL an album. And felt justified in it, because the artists/publishers were rich and had been making money on the songs for years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Run&Gun View Post
    I have had custom parts done for me and they are very expensive in small quantities, especially for the initial design.
    I just recall a phone conversation with the owner of Berkey system, nice guy, and he was all like, "If there's any part that's not on my website that you'd like, just let me know and I can design it." Sounded simple enough, and he was keen on new ideas that the market could find useful, while I'll gathered he'd only charge me standard prices for it, and not high custom building charges.

    But with all that Charles said, I think we can at least admit the possibility that this is an overpriced product taking advantage of the fact that the client its marketed at can afford it. Without knowing the exact breakdown of their financials with regards to time and costs to bring it to market, we can't for sure state if it's overpriced or not, but I think we can agree that on first look it certainly does not look like a $1900 item, as even Run&Gun who bought it called the price "absurd."

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